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    "Global consulting combining the best of North American and European experience"
International Dowsers
Susan Collins
Past President of the
Canadian Society of Dowsers
Grahame Gardner
Past President of the
British Society of Dowsers

Susan Collins' Services

As a Personal Management Consultant I specialize in detecting and transforming Earth, Environmental and Psychic Energies to bring health, prosperity and balance to you and your home or business through dowsing.

As a Professsional Dowser, I provide a variety of "Spiritual Housecleaning" services including: detection and remediation of Geopathic Stress, health support for food sensitivities, chakra analysis, Feng Shui Dowsing, prosperity support, and more.

As a Keynote Speaker I am available for global workshops and conferences.

As a Non-denominational Minister I officiate at legal weddings in Ontario.

I locate water wells in southern Ontario.

Dowsing for Health

Grahame Gardner's Services

Home and Office consultations
  • Remedial geopathic stress work for homes and offices, using
    dowsing and earth acupuncture techniques to harmonise underground water lines, energy leys, global geomagnetic grids and other earth energy manifestations.
  • Technopathic stress work involving electromagnetic and microwave surveys using scientific instruments; consultations and practical advice on reducing exposure to these radiations.
  • Spirit release of human discarnates, and working to resolve problems with non-human entities, nature spirits and other landscape issues affecting a property.
  • Space clearing for energetic realignment of home or office environments
  • Pre-purchase surveys of domestic or commercial properties to assess geopathic and technopathic stress issues. I can also consult throughout the entire construction process on new buildings toensure the most harmonious energetic configuration for the space.

    Geomantic design
  • Dowsing for and consulting on the creation of new sacred spaces, particularly labyrinths, stone circles, garden features and standing stones. This includes dowsing analysis of underground water and energy flows, design incorporating harmonic geometric proportions, astronomical alignments to include significant anniversaries or other events, and ceremonial activation of the completed space.

    Dowsing for water sources
  • Dowsing of boreholes for water supplies and geothermal heat pumps.
  • Location of underground utilities, pipes, cables, mineshafts etc.

    Training and talks
  • Workshops, courses and talks on dowsing and geomancy-related subjects.

  • International Dowsers - trusted expertise

    Combining the best professional North American and European experience

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