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Susan Collins
teaching at the
Internationl Dowsing Day
Aurora, ON
  International Dowsers School  


  Self Empowerment with Dowsing 

Sept 25-28, 2015, Stirling, Scotland

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1 - 4 day options from as low as £50 (CDN$95 US$75)
Grahame Gardner
teaching at the
American Society of Dowsers
National conference

Join Susan and Grahame for an intensive, experiential multi-day workshop

Curriculum    Venue    Pricing Options   

Friday Foundations (optional): improve your dowsing skills by fine-tuning confidence, safety and accuracy. Use different dowsing tools and develop deviceless skills. Use protocols. Improve your health. Power spots and more.

Saturday/Sunday: Engage with the landscape, environmental and psychic energies. Work with geopathic and geoprosperous areas to increase prosperity. Feng-shui dowsing to heal yourself and your home and more.

Monday (optional advanced training Prerequisite: Sat/Sun): Soul retrieval, working with interdimensional energies, dealing with displaced spirits, working with spirit guides, removing curses and inherited blocks. Field work and more.

The Stirling Youth Hostel , St. John's Road, Stirling FK8 1EA Scotland, is a handy drive from both Glasgow and Edinburgh. We have chosen it as our workshop venue because of the rich history and geography of the area. Our Monday event will include a visit to an energetically interesting local site such as Stirling Castle where we may directly experience some other dimensional communications.

For a fascinating look at Stirling's past, click on https://pastmap.org.uk/ . Navigate to the area, zoom in, and then select different overlays from the menu on the right. The most interesting ones are Canmore and Historic Environment Record. If you have a look at Gowanhill to the north-east of Stirling Castle there's an inscribed Roman stone, the site of a vitrified fort, and the 'beheading stone' - yikes! Should make for some interesting dowsing?

Pricing Options and Registration
Workshop Pricing

(Lunches included on all days.) Plus 10% off for BSD members and 2nd family member - Early Bird and student discounts until August 25. Conversions to Canadian and U.S.dollars from GBP are for estimating purposes only. Your payment will be taken in Great Britain Pounds £

Option 1 Early Bird: All 4 days Friday-Monday - £ 250   (CDN $473, US$376)
               Convenience: All 4 days Fri-Mon £ 290   (CDN $550, US$435)

Option 2 Early Bird: Friday Foundation day ONLY - £ 65   (CDN $123, US$98)
                          under 18 if accompanied by registered parent £ 50   (CDN$95 US$75)

              Convenience: Fri 25 Foundation day ONLY - £ 75   (CDN $140, US$113)
                           under 18 if accompanied by registered parent £ 55   (CDN$104 US$83)

Option 3 Early Bird: 2 days Saturday and Sunday ONLY - £ 125   (CDN $236, US$188)
                Convenience: 2 days Sat 26-Sun 27 ONLY - £ 150   (CDN $284, US$225)

Option 4 Early Bird: 3 days Saturday-Monday ONLY - £ 185   (CDN$350, US$278)
                Convenience: 3 days Sat 26-Mon 28 £ 215   (CDN$406, US$323)

Workshop Registration
online or print out this Registration Form and mail in.

Space is limited, so be sure to take action to reserve your place and take advantage of the the Early Bird booking rate before August 25th.

Residential and Meal Options
Stay with us at the Stirling Youth Hostel or feel free to arrange for your own accommodation elsewhere.
Rooms at the Hostel are available from 20/night and they have some twin en-suite rooms from 50/night. Please book directly with them and let them know you are with the "Dowsing School" when booking, and quote booking reference 1480317 so that they can apply a group membership discount if we have 9+ people.

Lunch at the Youth Hostel is included with your workshop registration, however other meals are at your discretion. (The hostel can also provide breakfast and evening meals and is licensed for alcohol.)

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